Beck’s Restoring Love Event Sells More Tickets to Cowboys Stadium Than Paul McCartney

Posted on July 29, 2012


Excerpted from THE BLAZE: Glenn Beck’s critics called him crazy for choosing Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas — the largest sports arena in the United States — to hold his historic Restoring Love event. However, not even he could have predicted just how wildly successful it would actually turn out to be.

A source familiar with the event told TheBlaze that there were more than 40,000 tickets sold to Restoring Love as of Friday afternoon. A number larger than when Sir Paul McCartney played in the same arena in 2009. McCartney sold about 36,000 tickets The numbers just goes to show how much public support Beck enjoys.

Based on the set-up of the event, a little more than 40,000 tickets would provide clear site lines and high-quality audio were made available, the source explained.

“I am very grateful for everyone‘s dedication and commitment to this weekend of service and it’s important that the spirit of the actions demonstrated this weekend are a beginning not an end,” Beck told TheBlaze.

However, ticket sales are just a small part of the overall success of Restoring Love. The weekend of service resulted in churches being rebuilt, the homeless being fed and love being spread. And that’s what it was all about in the first place.