Sharia: Justice Department official refuses to answer that DoJ will never advance proposal to criminalize speech against any religion

Posted on July 27, 2012


Excerpted from ATLAS SHRUGS: Of all the terrible, horrible frightening things to come out of this rogue administration nothing is as shocking as this exchange. Obviously Obama’s Department of Justice has plans to impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia and criminalize criticism of Islam in some manner or form.

My confidential source tells me that Thomas Perez, the Department of Justice official in this video, “has been present at Muslim conventions both as a panelist and as a speaker. During a question and answer session a Muslim audience member was hostile, and Perez literally cringed and promised that the DOJ would do better. He also asked that more Muslims join the DOJ – that he would look forward to working with them.”

Justice Department official refuses to promise that DoJ will never advance proposal to criminalize speech against any religion Jihadwatch

Clearly this exchange indicates that the Obama Administration is indeed contemplating ways to circumvent the First Amendment and outlaw criticism of Islam: blasphemy laws would, if they succeed, be coming to the U.S. If this, happens, it’s all over. If the U.S. adopts blasphemy laws, that would be the end of any resistance to jihad, as we will be rendered mute and thus defenseless against its advance. (I hope one of you will bake a cake with a file in it and come visit me in prison.)

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